Pahzek is a Khainite Assassin who infiltrated Ulthuan by a magically shrouded Raven ship, moving maddeningly slow on foot--and only at night--through Nagarythe past Great Eagles and Shadow Warriors to then traverse the Annulii Mountains to reach his quarry: Cerion Goldwing, Commander of Eagle Gate.[1a]

Not even the most graceful of Elven dancers has the liquid poise of a Khainite Assassin.[1a]

Pahzek has a pair of short stabbing swords wrapped in cloth across his back, and a curved dagger hanging at his waist. These are noted as not being the only weapons he has, for his entire body has been trained to be a weapon; fists that can seek out an enemy's vulnerable regions to incapacitate or kill with a single blow, feet that can shatter bones and an array of deadly poisons concealed within a number of small pouches on his belt.[1a] These include Manbane and Black Lotus. The Adepts of Khaine also teach techniques of evasion that can allow one to dodge even the arrow shot of Elves.[1b]


  • In Defenders of Ulthuan, Pahzek is described "moving from perch to perch as though the [Annulii] mountains themselves reformed to match his movements and hasten him on his way." It is unclear if this is merely describing his skill, or if the Annulii is responding to him, perhaps even being psychoactive.[1a]


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