A savage warrior in his own right, Pavel Korovic is an old friend and fellow campaigner of Kaspar von Velten, the two having fought in the northern wars together, where Pavel saved the Imperial's life more times than Kaspar could remember. Pavel is described as a hulking figure with an enormous grey beard, and a legendary fondness for kvas. Indeed, Pavel claims with pride that no Dolgan ever fights while sober, the Kislevite going on to boast of riding into battle after having drunk many a bottle. Now, with a rounded belly, no horse could feasibly carry him, not that Pavel minds, joking that now he could carry the horse instead![1b]

Originally, after his term of service in Kislev's army, Pavel intended on settling down in the Yemovia stanista to breed horses. This was not to be, however, as he was kicked out by his kinsman, calling him a lichnostyob -- a lout -- and telling him to stay out. So, he moved to the capital, where his uncle Drostya arranged a job for him with the Imperial Embassy, as a reward for his years of loyal military service. He now serves as the official, Kislevite liaison to the Imperial Ambassador.[1b]

Despite appearances, Pavel is a shrewd and wealthy man, having made a number of successful and highly lucrative contracts to provide mounts for the Kislevite army. Pavel's townhouse resides barely five-hundred yards from the embassy.[1b]


  • Pavel's hair is now silver with age.[1c]


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