Cult of Morr

Paul von Soleck is a notable figure within the Cult of Morr in Talabheim.[1a]


A member of the Augurs, Paul is the order’s greatest living seer — at the young age of fifteen. Few are comfortable in his presence. Without blinking, he fixes his sapphire eyes on anyone who speaks to him, and his face has a beauty that disconcerts more than it attracts, for it is cold like a statue.[1a]

Paul is known throughout the city not only for his visions but also for his eccentricities. Many nights, he sleeps among gravestones. He claims the dead whisper the future to him, a claim few are willing to dismiss, given the accuracy of his foretellings. The Count of Talabheim has taken a liking to Paul and frequently invites him to private audiences to be counselled by the youth's visions.[1a]


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