Paladine Stormcastle belonged to a family that was a hereditary enemy of House Emeraldsea. Tyrion once suspected that under most circumstances he would have liked Paladine, but the prince believed that they were doomed to be at each other's throats by an accident of history or birth. They were rivals in business, for the favours of courtesans and the notice of the Phoenix King. It could be no other way, and there was no sense in regretting it.[1a]

In XI 110, Paladine traveled with a pet monkey dressed in the britches, tunic and exaggerated codpiece that the Humans liked to wear. It even had a broad-brimmed feather hat, and had been trained to waddle over and bow to Elves, before scratching its private parts. All save Tyrion would laugh, as the monkey was an obvious joke made at the expense of Humans, and an expression of contempt that the prince felt unwise in this day and age.[1a]


  • When the twins returned to Ulthuan from their search for Sunfang, Paladine found Tyrion at the Golden Lion. Confronting the warrior prince, he publicly accused Teclis of having a talent for both sorcery and forgery, saying he wouldn't be surprised to find out Sunfang was a fake.[1a]


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