Situated in Lothern, the Palace of the Phoenix King sits at the very heart of Ulthuan's government. Caledor the Conqueror kept court here, and few of his successors chose to break with that tradition.[1a]

Before entering the throne room, those that would meet with the Phoenix King are stopped by a White Lion dressed in court uniform and lionskin cloak. Said-White Lion will bar the way until petitioners surrender their weapons, being unable to allow anyone in the royal presence armed. It is noted that even if one does not wield a weapon, it is expected for them to carry one just for the purpose of showing they have something to surrender. These weapons are then hung on nearby racks for when they return.[2c]

An attendance chamber can be found to the side for those waiting to meet the king or for a petitioner to return from talks with his Sacred Majesty.[2c]

Throne Room

Even when speaking one-on-one with petitioners, the Phoenix King is never without his White Lions. These warriors stand at a discreet distance and just out of earshot of a murmured conversation, yet close enough to spring to their King's defence should the need arise. Only they and the Phoenix King are allowed weapons within the Throne Room.[2c]

During Finubar's reign, in addition to his sword, the Phoenix King wore luxurious and formal robes that were subtly understated but the finest in the land. They were thus in keeping with the chamber itself.[2c]

Audience Chamber

A large room within the Palace is used by the Phoenix King and his most trusted advisers on issues involving the entire continent. The Audience Chamber is dominated by a huge table, on which a number of plates of cold meat, loaves of bread, jugs of wine and pitchers of water are laid out when anticipating a long session, as well as books, scrolls and maps relevant to the task at hand.[2a] Sometimes the wine is subtly laced with a narcotic that sharpens one's wits and blunts the edge of fatigue. Such a beverage is nowhere near as potent as its Naggarothi equivalent. If it were, everyone drinking would likely be at each others' throats.[2b]

Korhien's Chamber

Before his death, the personal chambers of Korhien Ironglaive were simple by the standards of the Phoenix King's palace. This meant that they were luxurious beyond belief even by the standards of Lothern. Carpets from Araby covered the floor. The hangings were ancient silk tapestries. Paintings from the golden age of art during the reign of Aethis hung from the walls. The crystal window had an astonishing view of the harbour.[3a]


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