Pahuax, the City of Ash was a Temple-City of the Lizardmen on the northern border of Lustria, just south of the Temple-City of Hexoatl. Pahuax was once the only place where Chameleon Skinks were spawned. Following the loss of the temple-city the sub-breed was considered to be extinct. However, when the Chameleon Skink Oxyotl returned from the Realm of Chaos in 2517 IC, there was a unheralded spawning of Chameleon Skinks in the ruined temple-city. Since then there have been spawnings all over Lustria, although what this heralds for the Lizardmen is unknown.[2b]


During the Great Catastrophe, Pahuax was one of the many Temple-Cities that the Daemonic Hordes of Chaos attacked. During that time, Pahuax was known for harboring the largest concentration of Chameleon Skinks in Lustria, and with these warriors led bold ambushes against the daemon hordes until they were forced back into the sacred walls of the city. Yet the walls soon buckled and collapsed against the magical onslaught of the Daemons and in a last ditch effort, Mage-Priest Lord Pocaxaln attempted to summon forth a nova-blast of energy to banish the foes.[1a]

He needed time to conjure the mystic forces to power the spell, however, and called upon his last surviving Saurus, Oxyotl and his Chameleon Skinks to protect him, buying precious moments while the ritual was completed. But alas, the fickle powers of Chaos tricked Pocaxalan, and he tapped too deeply into the howling Winds of Magic — colossal energies spiraled out of control, ripping holes in the fabric of reality. The Slann and his last protectors were sucked into the Realm of Chaos. Pahuax aged millennia in scant seconds; large portions of the city, along with all its inhabitants, crumbling to dust. Ever since then, Pahaux has been known as the City of Ash, for such was the powers unleashed upon the city that its mark still persist to this very day.[1a]



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