Orge goldtooth

Greasus Goldtooth receiving tribute from the caravans that cross his realm.

The Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms is a ruling king that holds power over all the other Ogre Tyrants. This is not a constant tradition, as it takes a powerful individual to hold even minor leverage over distant tribes, much less rule over them. When there is an Overtyrant, it is far more common for multiple tribes to band together to conquer large territories - vast armies of Ogres descending upon the world and smashing aside all opposition to take what they want.[2a]

Known Overtyrants

  • Thug the Fist - First Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms. He took power around -950 IC started the practice of the Grand Feast. Some three years later, the Fire Mouth erupted for the first time in hundreds of years, and taking the eruption as a sign to go to war, Thug the Fist led many Ogre tribes to wreak havoc across the lands for two decades.[2b]
  • Donner Gutbag - Previous Overtyrant. He died in an avalanche around 2387 IC.[2c]
  • Greasus Goldtooth - Declared himself Overtyrant in 2487 IC and still in power. Through his education, gold was finally recognised as being just as valuable as red meat throughout much of the Ogre Kingdoms and a new reign began[2c]. Through sheer strength of will, force of personality and size of coffers, Greasus Goldtooth managed to unite the tribes under one gut. This newfound unity is due in part to his exceptional network of Gnoblar spies and messengers. Any Ogre tribe that declares outright war against their neighbours will soon find themselves on the end of an attack by the Goldtooth Tribe itself, the most numerous and best equipped of the Ogre tribes, until order is restored once more. It is because of this enforced truce amongst the kingdoms that the Ogre population is brimming over, and the tribes have begun to migrate west once again. Once a year, this truce is strengthened by the Grand Feast held by the Overtyrant on the sacred Meat Day.[1a]


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