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Otto von Drak was the Count of Sylvania and the father of Isabella von Drak.


Otto von Drak was the last male descendant of the infamous von Drak family, mainly known for being inbred, corrupt and half-hearted in their feudal duties. It is said that they were the only noble house of the Empire to not send support to the Crusades against Araby. Grand Theogonist Jurgen VI eventually called for a crusade to cleanse Sylvania and the von Drak, but was ignored by the three reigning emperors.[1a] Otto was also prone to insanity, putting the heads of peasants on spikes for slight provocations and proclaiming himself Sigmar Incarnate while drunk.[1a] Accordingly, the rest of the nobility despised him and refused to follow any of his commands, and Sylvania was full of civil strife, which continued up to the time of von Drak's death.

When Otto lay dying in his residence at Castle Drakenhof in 1797 IC, he had no heir.[3a] On his deathbed, he swore that he would rather marry his daughter Isabella to a Daemon of Chaos than let his brother, Leopold von Drak, inherit Sylvania. He had also refused to marry her to any other Sylvanian noble house and no imperial noble from outside Sylvania would marry into its nobility.[1a] Lying unrepentant and cursing the gods, von Drak was visited by a mysterious stranger, calling himself Vlad von Carstein. Vlad presented himself and asked for Isabella's hand. While von Drak may have repented his rash oath, he could not deny the stranger, and Vlad and Isabella were married before the dying count's bed. Otto von Drak died before the last word of the ceremony was spoken.[2a]


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