While still a lad of fourteen, Otto Groensberk happened to befriended some mercenaries who had momentarily come to town to drink and whore. Otto ended up marching out with them, seduced to a life of drinking, wenching and glorious battle.[1a]

The first battle saw all but Otto slain. Otto managed to impress the commander of the opposing forces, and found a place with them. Surprisingly strong for his youth, he became stronger with each passing year, earning the title “the Ox”. He also moved a lot between mercenary bands. Each battle lost, he learned some new tricks and tactics. He never turned coats during a fight – that is death to a mercenary – but if the fight was lost and prisoners were being taken, he learned the knack of convincing the victor that he belonged with them. He often replaced men he had personally slain, arguing that the fact he was standing and they were not was proof he could do their job better.[1a]

Over time, his reputation became a liability. Despite being a great fighter and a fairly good companion, he became known as a curse – to be assigned to fight alongside the Ox was to die while he lived. No one ever accused him of cowardice, shirking his duty or treason – he just had a knack for staying alive that others did not share.[1a]


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