Otto Feuerbach is a minor member of one of Talabheim's most powerful families. Though distantly related to the missing Elector of Talabheim, Otto has little time for political intrigue and harbours no ambitions for an electoral seat. He has had an interest in military matters since childhood and is a keen archer, having practised as a youth on his father’s estate near Klarfeld.[1a]

Otto witnessed a demonstration of the Knights of the Verdant Field one summer while he oversaw the manning of a watch tower on the Taalbaston walls. A marauding band of mutants had snuck in under the trajectory of the tower's artillery pieces, and was in the process of scaling the walls when they were cut down by a flurry of arrows. Otto was sure that if they had made the ramparts good men would have died. Otto was even more impressed when he learned that the Knights had been hidden in positions outside the walls, sitting in hiding mere metres from the mutants’ position until the perfect moment to launch their attack.[1a]

Otto was so impressed he visited the Temple of Myrmidia, sharing his military insights with the priests there. Otto went on to be inducted into the Cult of Myrmidia and now fights in the ranks of the Knights of the Verdant Field.[1a]


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