Ostermark Marches

The Ostermark Marches are the frontier lands that form the border between Ostermark and the lands of Kislev to the north. This man-made border is pockmarked by stout wooden watch towers, each of which carries a large warning beacon. These flames are lit in times of war and are a signal of impending invasion, for the armies of Ostermark to make ready for battle. This borderland is further cemented by a natural barrier, the Lower Talabec, a tributary of the main River Talabec that runs deep into the heartlands of the Empire, and it is a valuable defensive strong point should the enemies of the Empire march beyond Kislev. The town of Bechafen lies deep in the Marches. Primarily a military township, it is renowned for its smithies and armourers, who forge armour and weapons to supply the Ostermark army. With its proximity to the northern lands and the ever-present threat of Chaos the steel of Bechafen is an invaluable resource.[1a]


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