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Ostermark is The Empire's easternmost province and shares its northern border with Kislev. Because of this, it has suffered greatly from the repeated incursions of Chaos marauders from the Northern Chaos Wastes. It is often referred to as "the Mark." The province is a mostly rural state, since unlike its neighbours the soil of Ostermark soil is fertile and ideal for agriculture.


Ostermark borders Sylvania (part of the province of Stirland) to the south, Ostland to the west, the land of Kislev to the north and the World's Edge Mountains to the east. The capital of Ostermark is Bechafen which lies in the northern part. The ruined former capital Mordheim is in Southern Ostermark. It was destroyed by a warpstone comet, but a crusade of Empire Knights was led that razed it to the ground.


The low tech nature of Ostermark's major industries sometimes leads to its people being mocked in other states as simpletons. This is an unfair reputation however as the people of the Mark are as stout and capable as those in any other province. Ostermark regulary sends troops to assist Kislev in its battles against northern invaders. As a result, its state troops and militias are perhaps the most hardened to war against the forces of Chaos of all the troops in the Empire.

Important Personages

  • Wolfram Hertwig, Elector Count
  • Matteus Hertwig, the Elector Count's brother

Place of Importance

  • Bechafen, Ostermark's capital.
  • Essen
  • Mordheim, Ostermark's former capital.
  • Ostermark Marches


The provincial colours of Ostermark are purple and gold.


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