Born under the sign of Cacklefax the Cockerel, Oskar Madravvin knows his prosperity is just around the bend, as he has said his whole life. He lives and operates his lone ferry on the River Aver toward the western end of the Moot and close to Averland. Some have tried to rob Oskar – to their regret, as he never forgets a face and has numerous friends on both sides of the river.[1a]

Others have tried to pressure Oskar into smuggling illegal goods. The halfling is not one to bow to pressure, however, and just hopes no one looks closely at the river bottom where he regularly drops anchor when mooring his ferry at night.[1a]

While Oskar makes a tidy living ferrying people or small amounts of cargo across the river (or downriver toward Nuln), he actually makes more money as an information broker. With his memory for faces and a gift of disarming chatter, Oskar often gets his passengers to share more information with him than they realize.[1a]

His friends among the local coachmen, bounty hunters, and fieldwardens pay him handsomely for any gossip or news on the whereabouts of certain folk or fugitives (as do the local messengers and gossips looking for more news to barter themselves).[1a]


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