"I thought you wanted to blood it this evening. Our enemies have been casting aspersions on the bravery of House Emeraldsea in your absence. I thought you would have brought this fabled sword [Sunfang]. We are all dying to get a look at it."
Orysian, drunk on wine to Tyrion[1a]

Orysian was a friend of Tyrion, living in Lothern. He is described as a coarsely handsome, thick-lipped Asur, a lover of wine, and a brute who wanted to be thought tough (which he was, in Tyrion's mind), and the centre of attention the way the prince was. The latter was not possible, since Orysian lacked Tyrion's good looks and charm.[1a]

In XI 110, he was among a number of youths in the city that went looking for fights on the streets. Drunk on wine, they would go about challenging anyone who looked at them funny, especially when Tyrion was in one of his wild moods. Even the city guard would prove hesitant to get in their way, knowing that these wealthy troublemakers held the influence to get away with breaking the heads of a few poor guardsmen.[1a]

It only dawned on Tyrion that such activity was wrong when he noticed the ugly expressions of brutality and superiority on Orysian and co.'s fine features. He realized that same expression had been mirrored across his own. The prince also knew that no matter how tough an Elf was, the possibility of death always hung over the rough and tumble of a street brawl. Tyrion had lost many friends that way, over the years.[1a]

Unlike the others in Tyrion's posse, who took their cue from the prince, Orysian would have brawled with Tyrion were he not certain to lose. Indeed, though the envious Asur contented himself with sniping resentfully at Tyrion, such things made Orysian easy to handle.[1a]



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