Ormil Schwarzwasser is a smuggler and War Chief of Altdorf's Fish gang.[1a]

Schwarzwasser got his start as a smuggler for the gang, but was constantly thwarted by the city ordinance prohibiting river trade after nightfall. However, he noticed that there was a loophole for tavern-boats. Schwarzwasser and some other Fish decided to take over the Floating Bloat, a tavern-boat anchored off Altdorf's Old Docks. This move allowed Schwarzwasser's smuggling operations to prosper, and he rose through the ranks of the Fish, eventually attaining the position of War Chief.[1a]

Schwarzwasser is very greedy, and very irritable. He would be ordinary in appearance were it not for his face tattoos. He has a pike tattooed on each cheek, denoting his rank as War Chief in the Fish.[1a] His clothes are expensive, but tasteless, and he always keeps an antitoxin kit on his person.[1b]


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