"Still, them pipes weren't big enough for cannon-balls, but then putting five of them together means you can fire all of the barrels at the same time, and mighty devastating it is, if it hits. Not like a proper cannon that you can train and elevate and actually aim proper, but you get lucky every once in a while and you'll see chariots disappear into firewood and minotaurs splattered across the grass."
Durgrim Redmane, Hammerer.[2a]
Organ Gun

A Dwarf Engineer guiding a crew of Organ Cannons.

The Dwarf Organ Gun, or Organ Cannon as some call it, is a strange yet infamous artillery piece created by the Engineers Guild and used extensively by the Dwarfs for its ability to shoot cannon-balls at a far greater rate of fire than a typical Dwarf Cannon.


The Organ Gun's name derives from the pipes of a musical organ instrument, which the array of barrels resembles. The Engineer who first pioneered this machine was a Dwarf by the name of Lokri Snarrison, who invented the first musical organ instrument. It was then that another Dwarf Engineer, by the name of Durin Kurganssonson, thought of the idea of laying these pipes flat and using them as cannon barrels. He called it the Organ Gun, and a few Engineers liked it so much that they copied his design for newer models. Since then, the Organ Gun has evolved into the war-machine it is known as of today.[1a]

Typically, the Organ Cannon's barrel are smaller and lighter than the ones used in standard cannonry, meaning it lacks the range and firepower of conventional artillery. However, the Organ Gun makes up for this disadvantage by being able to fire multiple shots at the enemy, able to literally tear apart an entire regiment of soldiers should the crew get within adequate range of the enemy.[1a]


  • 7th Edition.
  • 6th Edition.
  • 4th Edition.


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