The Order of the Winter Throne is a lesser Order within the Cult of Ulric. Founded by a White Wolf named Brother-Templar Ragnar Franzsson almost 600 years ago, the isolated order was controversially taken into the Cult of Ulric in 1975 IC by Ar-Ulric Franzsson, Ragnar Franzsson's grandson. Since then, the Ragnarites, as they are commonly known, have spread across the north of the Old World.[1a]

It has secluded monasteries of ascetics scattered throughout the colder regions of Nordland, Ostland, Kislev and southern Norsca. Ragnarites, named after their founder Ragnar Franzsson, call Ulric the ‘Snow King’ and teach that winter is a training ground for “Evernacht,” an eternal winter that will choke the life from Ulric’s greatest enemies, the Ruinous Powers. Some extremists of the order believe it is their duty to prepare the world for this imminent cleansing. To do this, they sacrifice food across the north in the name of Ulric, burning silos and stores in night-time raids. This may force people to survive through winter with negligible supplies, which is perfect preparation for Evernacht. But few are appreciative, especially those whose friends and family go to Morr in the freezing nights.[1a]

The Ragnarite leader is titled Ulricsson, and he controls the cult from Ulric’s Throat, a cave system in Norsca discovered by the order’s founder. It is rumoured that the caves hide the mysterious Throne of the Snow King, although its nature is unclear. Ulricsson rarely issues decrees, traditionally preferring individual monasteries to fend for themselves, much as they will do when Evernacht arrives. Ulricsson Haargald, the order’s current leader, is a greying giant of a Norseman who, it is said, has not spoken for over thirty years, and consumes only melted snow.[1a]


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