Knight of the Sacred

Knight of the Sacred Scythe.

The Order of the Sacred Scythe have made it their duty to patrol the shadowy roads and paths of Eastern Stirland. Long and mysterious is their history, with most of the Chapterhouse records kept under lock and key. Rumors abound that the Order has tainted bloodlines of ill-repute — but no one knows for sure. What is known about the Scythes is that they are well-versed hunters of the Vampire. They tirelessly root out possible Vampiric threats, cults, and any who would serve such a dark master.

As the Scythes deal mainly with creatures of the night and dark magics, their methods are widely considered unorthodox and often downright improper. Most of the neighboring provinces openly despise the Sacred Scythes and do not welcome them in their taverns or towns. This distrust is not entirely unfounded. Such is their fervor to destroy the living dead, that more than one town has been left burnt to the ground and smoldering in the wake of a Sacred Scythe "Tribunal."

Encased in pitch-black armor and armed with a gleaming scythe, the Sacred Scythes are frightening to encounter on a lonely road after dusk. However, unbeknownst to the common people of the land, the Scythes perform a very real and useful service to the Empire. Their secret doings help keep Stirland from toppling into a land of blight and terror.


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