The Templar Knights of the Order of the Righteous Spear serve within the Cult of Myrmidia. This order has knights in lands across the Old World, oftentimes operating under different names, like the Knights of the Starry Shield or the Knights of the Merciless Titan. These smaller orders of knights, all of whom are devoted worshippers of Myrmidia, pay homage to the central Templar order and may be called to battle by the Glorious Leader, as they were when the Magrittan temple called for the war with Araby. In that war, the Order of the Righteous Spear led the charges and fought the most ferociously.[1a]

The leader of the Order of the Righteous Spear is called the Glorious Leader. At this time, the Glorious Leader is an Estalian named Juan Franco. He is said to have a firm grip on the order and is thought to be eying Araby once more.[1a]


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