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A Hammer of Sigmar.

The Order of the Hammer of Sigmar, also known as the Hammers of Sigmar, was founded in Altdorf shortly after the news of the destruction of Mordheim reached the city.


Zealous Lectors of Sigmar encouraged the devout sons of local nobles to join the fledgeling Order. Once assembled, the Lectors sent the Order into the ruins of Mordheim to restore order and keep the faith (and the faithful) alive throughout the turmoil.[1]

The Knights of the Hammers of Sigmar have fought the enemies of the Sigmarite Church for more than 200 years, their Chapter House and charter being granted to them by the Emperor Magnus the Pious himself. Armoured in burnished steel, and wielding lethal hammers in honour of Sigmar, they have maintained an untarnished record against any threat to the Empire from Orcs to Chaos worshipping invaders. The piety of the Knights of the Hammer is beyond question and cultists and demagogues have learned to fear the shaven-headed warriors with their shining armour and terrifying martial prowess.

The Templars of this Order can often be found bringing faith to the wavering masses and crushing the skulls of vile heretics. They ride into battle wielding great warhammers of all description, another sign of their devotion to Sigmar.[1]

Storm of Chaos

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Currently, the order is struggling to recover from the horrendous casualties it suffered fighting alongside the army of Valten and Luthor Huss in the Storm of Chaos. Of the 100 Knights that rode to Middenheim, only 20 returned, losses the Knights of the Hammer may take years to recover from.



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