The Order of the Black Lynx, commonly known as the Black Lynx Knights, the Knights Black Lynx and the Knights of the Black Lynx, are an elite knightly order stationed within Black Fire Pass.


Members wrap a gold armband with a black lynx paw print around their right arms as the group’s emblem. In 2504 IC, nine out of 400 noble knights survived the Cleansing of Sorrol's Canyon, unlike 3000 orcs. Count Marius Leitdorf of Averland commissioned an order to honour the nine survivors and appointed Sir Otto Guntallan the first Grandmaster of the order. They became the Knights Black Lynx, choosing their name from the mysterious jet-furred mountain cat. The order grew fast in status and held nearly 400 nobles at its height.[1a]

Averlanders consider the Knights Black Lynx the elite of the elite among the Mountain Guard. Unlike many orders, the Knights Black Lynx rarely battle from horseback (though they can and do ride). They pride themselves on moving silently and swiftly, like their namesake, to take enemies unaware. Officers are either knights of the inner circle or noble-born scouts, hunters, or stealthy folk. Their primary weapons are two-handed, and the majority prefers halberds, though all know a closequarters weapon as well.[1a]

Notable Black Lynx Knights


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