"And she did hear of what happened, and she came unto Her, and she said, because of what hath been done to thee: from his day forward I renounce my name, and I shall be known as Fury"
Bellona Myrmidia, 'Book of Fury'[1a]
Cult of Fury

The Order of Fury is a sacred order of the Cult of Myrmidia, dedicated to one of her most tragic and vengeful followers.

The Myth

When she was but a mortal, Myrmidia drew many heroes to her side, but none are more famous than the Shieldmaiden "Fury". Her tale is recorded in the Bellona Myrmidia and is one full of horror, pain, and betrayal. The events of the sad story result in a young girl renouncing her name and swearing to claim revenge for all the dark deeds of the world, a task she takes to with unparalleled passion and anger. Although it pained her, Myrmidia could not bring herself to stop the girl, for she intimately understood the source of Fury's rage. Instead, Myrmidia did what she had to; she used the girl on the battlefield. There, Fury slew and slew and slew, until eventually, one all her enemies were gone, she collapsed, weeping. Fury's last stand was in the Abasko Mountains. There, her body was found by Myrmidia, surrounded by piles of dead Orcs and Goblins. The site is now protected by the order's high temple.[1a]

The Order

In Tilea and Estalia, the Order of Fury is mostly comprised of Women,[1a] and while most of Myrmidia's teachings centre around mercy, strategy and tempered responses, The Order of Fury embody the most warlike and vengeful aspects of their patron Goddess, drawing mainly from The Wrathful Lore of Myrmidia, which is the least tactful, more focused on retribution for the downtrodden and punishment of the wicked.[1c]

Lore of Myrmidia (the wrathful)

  • Blazing Sun - Reading directly from the scriptures of Fury within the Bella Myrmidia, the Goddess Myrmidia answers one's prayers with blinding flames of retribution. Centred around the caster, erupts a wave of blinding light and holy flames that ignores armour and scorches all who are caught within its blast, be they friend or foe. Those that survive the purging flames can still be stunned by the sight of it, left to stagger around the battlefield half-blind or frantically attempting to put out any part of them that was set alight.[1c][1d]
  • Dismay Foe - By wearing a copper mask of the Cult of Myrmidia you take on the wrathful aspect of the Goddess which greatly increases one's religious fervour and martial prowess. Any foes struck by a blow of a Myrmidian Cultist who has taken on her aspect are susceptible to Terror and may flee from the battlefield than face her Wrath.[1d]
  • Quick Strike - A charm engraved with a lightning bolt, infused with Myrmidia's power is able to grant the wearer improved fighting abilities, able to strike faster and hit harder.[1d][1e]
  • Spear of Myrmidia - A spear is the holy weapon of choice for both Myrmidia and her Cultists and when a spear has been properly treated with a whetstone and the Goddess's name is invoked, the weapon becomes imbued with Myrmidia's power, transforming into a magical weapon with an Armour-Piercing quality.[1d][1e]
  • Vengeful Wrath - Using a sample of the blood of a wronged woman, this prayer fills you with unbridled fury and hatred which blinds you to all reason.[1f] This sends the Cultist into a frenzy where they will strike their foes, again and again, beating them into submission and tearing across the battlefield with the stamina and force akin to the Goddess herself. While in this state the Cultist will charge at any and all enemies who draw near, but in their bloodlust, they lose the ability to flee the battle and properly coordinate with their fellow warriors.[1d][1e]

Tabletop abilities

  • Blessings of Fury - Your passionate prayers fill a single character with righteous fury, allowing one missed close combat hit to be re-rolled.[1b]
  • Fury's Call (spell) - Your passionate prayers instill your allies with a fervent hatred of their enemies. All allies within range may re-roll their first missed attack each round.[1d]

Within the Empire

In stark contrast to the Myrmidian faith in Tilea and Estalia, The many orders of the Cult, including the Order of Fury are almost exclusively male within the Empire.[1a] While Myrmidian worship among Imperials is greatly overshadowed by the Cults of Sigmar and Ulric, she is very popular with common soldiers, mercenaries and their officers. With Sigmar and Ulric being more warlike gods, The prayers tied to Myrmidia's association with the art of war are most common within the Empire of Man.

Some Warrior Priests perform tactical roles, leading regiments at the behest of their generals will learn prayers from the Myrmidian Lore of the Captain to aid them in their endeavours. Others prefer to support the generals directly and memorise rites more appropriate for this role from the lore of Myrmidia the Commander. Within the Empire, it is only the Order of Fury goes beyond these prayers, preferring rites that demonstrate the Power and Wrath of their patron Goddess.[1c]

The order is gaining popularity and already has four temples in Reikland alone. A charismatic high priest of the order Janos Enescu, has recently arrived in Delberz. The Stirlander survived some of the worst conflicts of the recent Chaos incursions. He is now gathering support to found a temple of Fury in the city, which is finding a great deal of resistance from the local Ulricans.[1a]


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