This bizarre little brotherhood, known as the Order of Acilius Stargazer, is a collection of astrologers, priests, scholars and wizards who believe that the ancient scholar, Acilius Geminus, is the greatest prophet of this age. Acilius wrote a book entitled "Via Astra" – literally "By Way of the Stars". Within this lurid little tome, Acilius laid out detailed charts and timelines using his theories of stellar motion and astrological omens. He was not content to simply predict the near future. Instead his timeline stretches several thousand years forward. Each year has a corresponding cryptic quatrain. The Order is convinced that these are the key to understanding the future. This year's quatrain (translated from Classical) reads thusly:[1a]

First the ice falls and then the snow
In hallowed halls, a prince laid low
Cloth'd in shadow, the betrayer reigns
A city of sorrow, the lion is slain

Whether there is any truth to these predictions is an open question. Most are vague and easily applied to a myriad of circumstances, but the Order is convinced and has managed to sway some bored nobility to their beliefs.[1a]


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