Orc Wyvern Rider

Man O' War.

Wyvern Riders are an exceptionally rare, and lethal, form of Orc ariel cavalry.


Orcs are, as a rule, land-loving creatures, preferring to keep their iron-shod feet firmly on dry land. The only reason for an Orc to go to sea is the prospect of a good fight, plenty of booty, and the opportunity to teach someone a good Orky lesson or two.[1a]

Orcs see no purpose or pleasure in the elegant, sleek ships of the Elves or Bretonnians, and even consider the Imperial warships as unnecessarily cluttered and 'girly'. Complicated arrangements of sails, oars, rudders and masts have no place in the equation to an Orc - all that really matters is how many Boyz you can get aboard your Hulk, how hard and tough you make it, and how many Smash-hammers and catapults you can mount on its ungainly decks. A smashed up Dragonship looks pretty much the same as a smashed-up Galleon, so what is the point in messing about with fancy decoration?[1a]

If a life at sea is not a particularly natural existence for an Orc, life in the air is even less so. Many Orcs wouldn't be seen dead in a ship, let alone in the sky; however, those few that do hurl themselves insanely into the void do so with the vigour and determination you would expect from their race.[1a]

War Wyverns - the specially bred steeds for these brave Orc pilots - are dragon-like creatures renowned for their evil tempers, violent dispositions and destructive abilities. Once at sea, these massive beasts use their great leathery wings to carry themselves, their Orc pilot, and a payload of Squigbombz into the air.[1b]


  • Man O' War
  • Man O' War


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