Boar Chariot

The impressive stampede of a rampaging Orc Boar Chariot.

Orc Boar Chariots are those mobs of fool-hardy Orcs whom have managed to construct crude yet formidable Shock Chariots for the armies of the Greenskins.


These chariots are extremely ramshackle in appearance, created by simply lashing two roughly hewn logs, a wagon with wheels, and two massive War Boars together. It takes two of the most powerful War Boars within a tribe to pull such a bulky contraption on the move, but with some struggle these Boars are able to finally get the iron-shobbed wheels rolling. Many Orcs vie for the prestigious right to ride in a chariot.[1a]

To stand astride its wooden planks is a sign of superiority and prestige over the foot-slogging infantry. To further show off, many Orc chariot crews decorate their ride by strapping on large banners, flashy streamers, and blood trophies onto its structure. A popular sport for the Chariot crew is to drive their chariots around an Orc camp, rumbling by at breakneck speed. Other Orcs take great delight in jeering at the show-offs and typically throw all manner of rubbish at the passing chariots. The chariot crew's non-stop need to show off their flashy set of wheels often results in more than the usual brawls and scraps, as is common of such a barbaric race.[1a]

In battle, Orc Boar Chariots are considerably slower then their wolf-drawn Goblin Chariot counterpart, but they make up for this disadvantage by being far superior in both durability and hitting power. Once the churning porcine legs of the Boars have the chariot rumbling along at full tilt, it becomes an impressive shock weapon capable of slamming into a foe with the force of a thunderbolt. If the sheer impact of such a hurtling force does not smash the enemy, there are always the iron-shobbed wheels with crude blades attached at the sides, the goring tusk of the boars at the front, or the spear thrust of the Orc crews at the back that prove just as devastating. Due to their notorious hitting power and frightening reputation on the battlefield, there are still plenty of Greenskin Warbosses who would desire a Boar Chariot or two within his tribe or army.[1a]


  • 7th Edition.
  • 7th Edition. (Right side view)
  • 7th Edition. (Left side view)


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