An Orc Big Boss.[1]

Big Bosses are the largest and most powerful Orcs, second only to the mighty Warbosses.


Orcs respect size and strength above all else, and so it is the biggest, meanest and toughest Orcs that rise to become Big Bosses and lead the tribe. Though not yet as formidable as a Warboss, Big Bosses are brutish, hulking Orcs that get their own way by bullying those smaller than them. They lead the Greenskin hordes from the front and are deadly foes, driven solely by the urge to fight.[1]

Black Orc Big Bosses

Grn black orc big boss campaign 01 0

Black Orcs don't often fight solo, but their obsession with killing things means some willingly end up as one-Orc armies.[2]

Notable Orc Big Bosses


  • Black Orc Big Boss (Total War: Warhammer II)


Total War Warhammer - Greenskins - Black Orc Big Boss

Total War Warhammer - Greenskins - Black Orc Big Boss

Black Orc Big Boss.



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