Very little in Praag's Old Town fits its name any more. The Alleyway of Sighs contains bookstores, and Slaughter Square holds a café. The Old Town Hall has also changed its function—the lofty, many-roomed building now acts as the city's sanatorium. A saying goes that something unnecessary is like bringing a madman to Praag, and it is true the city has far more than its fair share of the mentally afflicted, both inside and outside the Town Hall. The sanatorium is a more relaxed environment than a typical Empire institution: inmates are permitted to read, paint, play music, and even continue their experiments, though most prefer instead to babble about the dark things only they can see. Some of the greatest minds of Kislev end up inside its walls—boyars, witches, generals, even members of the chekist. Those who have the time to sift through these madmen's babble may discover a treasure-trove of state secrets—if they do not go insane from it first.[1a]


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