During the Great War, the original palace of Praag was destroyed by Warpfire strikes, and Z'ra Zoltan was forced to relocate. Since then, there have been seven attempts to reclaim its shattered hulk. Every single time, the structures burned down soon after being erected, and those working on them died or went mad. Even buildings built too closely to the Old Palace burnt or collapsed. Eventually, the people of Praag took the hint, and now, this gigantic black ruin sits like a dark spider upon the Grand Parade. Traffic diverts in a wide arc around it, and people make the sign of Dazh if they walk near it. On one wall, a terrifying silhouette of a young girl has been somehow burnt into the stone. Many different ideas exist about her identity and her fate. Some say her cries can be heard on Weeping Day, and some say it is her blood that constantly seeps into the Parade.[1a]


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