Olav Pendestäg is a large man, clearing six-and-a-half feet tall, and he weighs at least 300 pounds. He has a thick mane of black hair and craggy features mostly hidden behind a thick moustache and beard. He wears a thick woollen shirt and breeches, and when he ventures out, which is rare, he's not without a fur cap and a long fur coat. He's unfriendly and terse. He's quick to reply and does so with finality, his words laced with contempt. Few like Olav.[1a]

Olav was a decorated kossar, having earned his fame and fortune in the last Chaos Incursion. But when the forces of the Ruinous Powers were driven north, Olav lost his taste for battle. He sold his medals, his horse, and wandered the oblast in search of some meaning. He stumbled onto an old battlefield and found many strange treasures. Drawn to seek out more troves, he traded some of his findings for a cart and began his new life as a collector of junk. He stored many of his goods in Praag, where he had family, but people began to complain about weird happenings near his warehouse. So, Olav left his city, hired porters, and drifted west, where he began a new life in Zhidovsk. At least, that's the story.[1a]

Olav owns the curiosity shop and all its contents and secrets. An old cart moulders out back, holding three empty sacks in its bed.[1b]


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