Ogulai the White Fox was a renowned Ungol Horse Archer.


One of the great heroes of Ungol folklore, Ogulai the White Fox, occupies legendary status in several of the northernmost stanistas. Kislevite historians have proposed conflicting estimates of the period when Ogulai roamed the steppes on his white steed, foiling beasts and greenskins with one clever ploy after another. The style of the oldest cave paintings suggest that Ogulai lived during an age before Sigmar.[1]

The most famous of Ogulai’s tales, Valley of the Sun, is retold to every Ungol child as a fable on the dangers of complacency. In this tale, Ogulai’s tribe finds a verdant valley along the Urskoy River and settles at a ruined dwarf hold, despite the wise women warning that goblins would find them. Food was abundant for many seasons and the tribe’s horses grew fat, until one day the wise women’s prophecy came true. Ogulai pleaded with Dazh, the god of fire and sun, to deliver his people from the goblins, offering to sacrifice the clan’s first foal every spring thenceforth. When the goblins poured across the river, night turned to day and Ogulai rode past his blinded foes to slay their chieftain.[1]

Ogulai’s tribe escaped from the valley, but to this day superstitious Ungol clans burn the spring’s first foal on a great pyre to uphold Ogulai’s ancient bargain. Tearful children are reminded by their parents that a single foal is only a small price to pay for the favour of Dazh.[1]


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