A Slaughtermaster imbued with the power of the Great Maw

Ogre Slaughtermasters are the most senior-ranking Butchers within the tribe, immense, corpulent hulks covered in offal of dried blood. They have appalling personal hygiene and love nothing more than to wallow themselves in meat, guts and blood regardless of its source. Hideous and mean, Butchers are essentially the Ogre equivalent of a tribal shaman yet their role is more that of a holy man than magic-user.[1a]

They have a direct link to the Great Maw, and are able to channel a small portion of the Ogre deity's insatiable thirst, gluttony and violence in a practice known as Gut Magic. A Butcher is also directly responsible for preparing his tribe's Feasts, the closest the Ogres have to a religious festival. Finally, during induction into the Cult of the Great Maw, these Slaughtermasters are taught how to tame fire. As firemaster, shaman and head chef, Slaughtermasters wield a large amount of influence within each Ogre kingdom, second only to the Tyrant himself. Twinned with their malign intellect, it is not uncommon for the hoarse whispers of a tribe's Slaughtermaster to dictate the bellowed commands of his Tyrant.[1a]


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