When Ogres gain such renown that their deeds are told throughout the kingdoms, it is said they have 'earned a name' for themselves and they gain descriptive titles - an Ogre who has fought and bested a Giant will attach an honorific like Giantbreaker or Big Basher to his name. This kind of big reputation is essential to becoming a successful Bruiser or Tyrant. Ogres that travel into the world often pick up foreign titles or terms, like Captain or 'the unhygienic', which are also incorporated into their titles, even though Ogres might not fully understand their meaning. Sometimes the results can be comical - however, anyone foolish enough to laugh at an Ogre's name is sure to find himself on the wrong side of a gut-plate pretty quickly. Names can grow longer over the years and it is not unheard of for mighty individuals to have so many honorific that they need a Gnoblar around whose sole task is to remember the full titles of the Ogre.[1a]


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