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Ograx the Great, also called the Bestial Prince, was a companion of Archaon during his quest to obtain the Six Treasures of Chaos. Originally a beastfiend dedicated to Khorne, his travels with the future Everchosen would transform him and his death would assure Archaon command over the Slayer of Kings.


Ograx was a chieftain of the wild tribes of Beastfiends living in the Southern Wastes. He lead the Skullfest warherd and proclaimed himself to be a child of Z'rughl Ka'kadron'ath the Brassbound, a bloodthirster of Khorne.[1a] Ograx was one of the many chieftains that challenged Archaon during his trek through the Southern Wastes, but was defeated. Before Archaon could slay him, they were assaulted by a swarm of Furies that assaulted the wounded Ograx. Archaon dispatched the daemons and in return, Ograx pledged himself to the quest of the Everchosen.[1a]

Ograx lead the assault on the citadel of the daemon prince Aggramon, after the daemon prince's legions had attacked Archaons armie's for stealing his most prized possession, Dorghar, the Steed of the Apocalypse.[1b] Together with Archaon and his Swords of Chaos, he passed through the southern polar gate and entered the Realm of Chaos to reemerge in th northern wastes.[1c] He followed Archaon to the Chimaera Plateau, where the dark templar searched for the Slayer of Kings. Ograx lifted the claw of Krakanrok the Black, father of the dragon ogres, and thus allowed Archaon to claim the sword. Archaon won the allegiance of the blade and the daemon contained within by slaying Ograx with it, allowing to sword to drink his princely blood.[2a]


As a Beastfiend, Ograx was gifted by Khorne with legs and a lower body made out of living brass. Wearing clothes made out of flesh, the daemonic creature was bedecked in the weapons of those he had slain, as well as their skulls. His head was crowned by a princely crown of bifurcating hell-horn and his face a twisted mess of bovine features and scar-tissue. The eyes glowed in an infernal light. He was armed with a mighty axe, the blade fashioned from the beak of a tzeentchian daemon.[1a]

After passing through the Polar Gate, Ograx was transformed into what Archaon deemed a "manfiend". Many of his bestial features receded and were replaced with more human traits that could almost be described as handsome. While he still sported his crown of horns and brass gifts of Khorne, they were far more filigrane and engraved with chaotic runes.[1d]


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