"Big is best an' Oglok is da biggest of all."
Oglok the 'Orrible.[2]
Oglok the Orrible Greenskins Wayne England illustration

Oglok the 'Orrible, by Wayne England.

Oglok the 'Orrible was a massive Orc Big Boss who acted as Morglum Necksnapper's second-in-command.


Oglok's Orc tribe lives in the Badlands and was defeated by Morglum Necksnapper's Black Orcs. Oglok was so overawed by the Black Orc leader that he decided to throw in his lot with Morglum.[1a]

Since then he has fought in many battles alongside the Black Orcs, leading his Orc Boar Boyz against the Bretonnians at the Battle of Death Pass and against the Dwarfs of Karak Azul.[1a]

Oglok is a gnarled old Orc whose craggy head bears the scars of many years fighting. His powers of leadership are second only to Morglum himself.[1a]


Oglok the 'Orrible usually rides atop a War Boar or a Boar Chariot and goes to battle with light armour, a shield and up to two magic items.[1a]


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