Oeragor was once the easternmost outpost of the Asur in the Old World. It was levelled during the War of Vengeance.



Oeragor in the Badlands

Oeragor was founded by Prince Imladrik, brother of Caledor II. Its location is said to have been west of Karak Izril. [2a] The city was constructed atop an oasis in the Badlands, near the remains of an ancient road that predated even the dwarfs. Its inhabitants worked to grow a garden amidst the desolate wastes, but even in its height, only around five thousand elves, mostly of Caledorian descent, called Oeragor their home. [1a]

After the failed sieges of Tor Alessi, the dawi turned to the other outposts of the elves in the Old World, determined to destroy them. Brynnoth of Barak Varr lead the first assault, and was later joined by Morgrim Elgidum. Here, Morgrim slew Imladrik, his former friend among the elves. [1b]


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