Warhammer Chaos Symbols

Just as spellcasters can take advantage of protective circles when casting spells to shield them from the worst of Tzeentch's Curse, Daemonologists and Sorcerers may take advantage of Octograms when summoning Daemons. An octogram is a hermetic circle with an eight-pointed star drawn within it. In addition to drawing the upside-down star inside the circle, the caster must also scribe glyphs and sigils of warding, invoking the names of the Gods for protection as well as the true name of the summoned Daemon.[1a][1b]

To draw the octogram, the caster must have knowledge of Daemonology; an expensive amount of materials and be able to cast magic. Drawing the octogram requires an hour of careful work, and at the end of this time, the true test of their knowledge begins. Depending on the quality of her work, success becomes all the easier for when her will is pitted against that of the summoned Daemon. Should the circle be breached (smudged or scattered) at any time during the ritual, the Daemon automatically breaks free.[1b]

Once the octogram is fully drawn, the caster may then perform the ritual to summon the Daemon. Assuming the ritual works, the Daemon appears inside the octogram. If the caster scribes the Daemon's True Name into the octogram, it remains there until the summoner attempts to command said-Daemon. Otherwise, each day, it may attempt to break free through force of will.[1b]

The caster may wait to take this test for a number of days dependent on her arcane power. Sorcerers may draw octograms when casting certain Chaos Sorcery spells.[1b]


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