Scurvy Madness

Made famous by the Skaven, the Ochre Pox, sometimes called the Green Pox, is responsible for countless deaths in the Old World, especially in Bretonnia (along with the dreaded Red Pox).


The Green Pox is spread by contaminated water sources. It can be detected by the spread of hideous, ochre brown spots and pulsing pimples across the body. One can always tell a victim of the Green Pox by their corpses, for they collapse into a pile of filth.[2a]

The horrid disease of Green Pox is the ravager of many a face. It first manifests cold-like symptoms of sneezes and shivering, but soon shows its true colours. The victim is usually bed-ridden by the time the first boils begin to swell. Over the course of ten or so days, the victim becomes studded with large, penny-sized sores that weep green-coloured pus. A high fever rages, and a distinctive smell arises from the sufferer’s body. Should they survive the pox, the victim will be covered with large greenish-grey scars about the face, throat and shoulders. The Green Pox can recur at any point in the victim’s life from then on, increasing the density and brightness of the pox marks each time. Only heavy make-up can disguise the distinctive marks. The average duration is fourteen days.[1a]


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