Most of Kislev is taken up by the Oblast, a broad, empty, frozen land, punctuated by small settlements, rivers, and raiding bands that glorify the Ruinous Powers. To most outsiders, it is a soul-killing area and devoid of anything of value. To Kislevites, however, it is Kislev. Kislev is land, and land is Kislev.[1a]

Adventurers in Kislev must deal with the oblast at some point, even if they deal with it by travelling through it as quickly as possible to get to somewhere more interesting. The oblast is not divided into formal regions, and all areas have a lot in common. However, most Kislevites roughly divide the area into North, South, East, and West Oblasts, plus the Troll Country in the northwest. Kislevites tend to think the Troll Country is smaller than most cartographers do, but Kislevites are more tolerant of monsters and frigid landscapes.[1a]


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