The Oak of Ages (Fan-Eltharin: Yn Edri Eternos), is the spiritual heart of Athel Loren. It was here that the Wood Elf realm was truly founded, and it is here that the yearly rituals of Orion’s death and rebirth see their completion. The Oak itself is a mystery to all save Ariel, the Mage Queen of Athel Loren. The Elves tell how she passes the winter months and times of great hurt within its embrace. However, they do not know whether she does so literally within the body of the tree or in grand halls woven into its roots — certainly, none have the temerity to ask.[1a]

It is here, beneath the Oak’s ancient boughs, that countless generations of Athel Loren’s Spellsingers have learned their sorcerous craft. Magic lies heavy about the Oak of Ages, and its aspect subtly changes as the Winds of Magic rise and fall. It is at its most glorious when Ghyran sweeps through the forest, and at its most twisted and sinister when Shyish is ascendant. Few artefacts forged by mortal races contain as much magical power as a single acorn from the Oak’s branches. Many a Spellsinger that travels the lands beyond Athel Loren does so with such a treasure bound tight above her heart to serve as a protective charm, a lodestone to hearth and home and, at desperate need, a reserve of power.[1a]

Many Elves believe that the fate of the Oak of Ages governs not only the rest of Athel Loren, but of their entire race also. For this reason, no matter how terrible the times become, or how dire the peril facing them, the Wood Elves will never suffer invaders to despoil the Oak of Ages.[1a]


  • Oak of Ages as seen in Total War: Warhammer
  • Warhammer Invasion Card


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