Nurgle Plagueship

Nurgle Plagueship

Plagueships of Nurgle are hideous to behold. They are huge, rotund vessels lashed together from mildew-ridden, slimy planking. They fly vast, ragged, rotting sails from their uneven and splintered masts. Their great treadwheels lazily chum the sea as the plod forward under a cloud of flies.[1a]

Behind them, the Plagueships leave a trail of disgusting detritus, polluting the sea and killing fish for miles around. Cackling Chaos Spawn and Nurglings swarm over their slippery, rotten decks. The stench of a Plagueship passing causes even the strongest stomach to retch as the foul smell of this immense tub-lied vessel drives downwind.[1a]


Plague Catapults

Plague Catapults are the principle weapons on board a Plagueship. They are loaded with plague-spores, excrement, rotting material and the infectious filth of decay. When fired, these disgusting weapons swing through a lazy arc and despatch their foul, diseased payloads towards their enemy.[1a]

Slime Trail

As the Plagueships of Nurgle plod across the seascape, they leave a stinking trail of fetid slime behind them. Any ship that touches the slime has a possibility of infecting the crew with Nurgle's Rot.[1b]


  • Nurgle Plagueship
  • Nurgle Plagueship


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