The northern region of the Old World suffer from extremes of climate and geography unlike anywhere else. The dense dark forest, high barren mountains, icy seas and long winter nights conspire to make life here both hard and short. This cruel land is home to the Norse – a race of men that are as fierce, brutal and unforgiving as the landscape itself.[1a]

Because little grows upon the rocky soil of the North, the Norse have traditionally turned to the sea for their livelihood. Their Kingships and Longships set out for the shores of Albion, the coasts of the Old World, and even further afield, bringing warriors to pillage and extort what they require.[1a]

Occasionally they will trade with other races, or hire themselves out as mercenaries in return for goods, but most of the time they will simply fight to get what they want. It is said that the Norse love war, song and ale; but most of all they love war.[1a]

Old Worlders tell horrifying tales of these berserk warriors from over the Sea of Claws, looting and burning from their dragon-headed vessels, and ravaging the northern coasts of The Empire and Kislev.[1a]

The Norse are known as excellent sailors and fearless warriors, given to great voyages and adventures; the most wayward of the Norse raiders have sailed as far as Ulthuan and The Southlands, bringing home tales of strange lands, immeasurable wealth and wild creatures.[1a]

The Norsemen's skills make them ideal recruits for any navy; Norse warriors are found fighting for the highest bidder in many sea battles. A Norseman's first love is battle, whether it is as a mercenary, an ally, or as a follower of the Plaguefleets of Chaos.[1a]

Longships excel in boarding action and are fairly fast, being able to move under both oars and sail. Each carries many warriors; every man aboard is a bloodthirsty fighter able to turn his hand equally to oar or sword. The Norse scorn the use of cannons aboard ships, keeping them light as possible for greater manoeuverability.[1a]

Norse ships have no ranged weapons at all, so all they can do is move and board other ships. As it happens, they are very good at boarding.[1b]


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