Norse Longship

Norse Longship

Longships are Norse Ships of the Line that are crewed by Thralls – the lower class of the Norse. Despite their lowly status, Thralls are as bloodthirsty as the rest of Norse society, and relish the chance to suspend the monotony of their daily life for the excitement of battle. When the Norse organise themselves for a major battle, and launch a full scale warfleet, it is the thralls that make up the bulk of the fighting troops in the fleet.[1a][1b]

A squadron of three Longships may lash their vessels together to make a kind of fighting platform. Once lashed together, the crews act as if they were a single vessel, defending or boarding as one. However, each individual ship can be fired at and therefore sunk. If one of their number is sunk, the crew of that ship might move to one of the ships that has not been sunk, so long as there is room for them in the crew.[1b]


  • Norse Longship


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