Norscan Slaver

A Slaver from Norsca.

Norscan Slavers are a common sight within the north, but in the past, slavery was quite common in the Old World.


The practice of slavery is as old as Humanity, originating in the ancient empire of Khemri, and continued through the various civilisations that rose and fell in the intervening years, leading to the present day. In an evolving economy, slavery is simply impractical. In places like Bretonnia, serfs perform all the work and live lives little better than slaves, but in the Empire, men and women, whilst Peasants, are in charge of their own destinies. Of course, in some remote corners of the Old World, the practice flourishes. Araby is famed for its flesh markets as is Sartosa and even some dark corners in Marienburg. The Norsemen take slaves as well, either from surrendered adversaries or as plunder from one of their raids. Occasionally, they have reason to traffic with unsavoury flesh dealers, and some enterprising Norsemen take up the profession.[1a]


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