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Norscan Ice Wolves.

"The icy northern reaches of frozen purgatory are haunted by howls of the ravenous."
The Ice Wolves of Norsca.[1]

Norscan Ice Wolves are a deadly species of Wolf native to the frozen wastes of Norsca.


As with all creatures of the Old World, the further north one goes, the more likely an encounter with a beast touched by the mutations of the Ruinous Powers. Marauder Warwolves are one such afflicted beast – like their Warhound cousins, the Warwolf mutation is the result of exposure to the energies of Chaos deep in the malign wilderness of Troll Country where they originate, enabling them to freeze foes in their stride with only their icy breath. Woe betide any unfortunate soul who strays into the Warwolves' territory, who will likely hear their mournful howls before being hunted, frozen, and devoured.[1]


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