"Inept, am I? I'll show them!"
Norbert van Strijen[1a]
Norbert van Strijen

Norbert van Strijen

Youthful, short and pudgy, with soft hands that have never known a day's hard work. Brown tonsured hair. Green eyes and a ready smile that can charm the purse from a Dwarf, framed by a thin beard.[1a]

Wanting to strike it big like any good Marienburger, Brother Norbert bought his entrance to the clerisy with the proceeds from the sale of his late father's chandlery in Noordmuur. Unfortunately, since then he hasn't brought in as much income as the cult would like, so he has been passed over for promotion to the full priesthood twice. Convinced that he has been cheated by his superiors, he has put his talents to ill use. Brother Norbert believes he has broken the secret of the codes for the Cartes d'Or. He is making weekly forays into Suiddock, looking for contacts with the League of Gentlemen Entrepreneurs, and is slowly screwing up his courage to betray the cult.[1a]

Brother Norbert might meet those who come to the temple seeking a loan or advice on a deal, or they may run into him at the Pelican's Perch as he clumsily seeks contacts with the Guild We've Never Heard Of. A Forger might even be approached by Norbert offering the deal of a lifetime. He also knows Haam Markvalt, and is considering joining his group of radicals.[1a]


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