Vampire Count on Nightmare

A Vampire Count mounted on a Nightmare.

Nightmares are the undead destrier mounts used by the Vampire Counts of Sylvania.


Unlike most mounts, the nightmare is not a creature of mortal flesh and blood. The steeds of the Vampire aristocracy are unnatural destriers, some Nightmares are the carcasses of dead warhorses, brought back to life through necromancy. Though their flesh is withered and their skin pocked and rank, these mighty steeds are infused with Dark Magic and can easily bite or kick a soldier to death. Other Nightmares are sorcerous constructs of sinew, bone and metal, empowered by magic.[1a]

The most impressive Nightmares are those born out of defiled flesh and bone, reared on fresh blood until they stand tall and proud. Their shadowy flanks shimmer with magical energy, their eyes glow like hot coals and their hooves burn with a coruscating magical flame. Smoke snorts from a Nightmare's flaring nostrils, carrying the stench of brimstone and decay. These beasts are often clad in heavy barding or wear caparisons of rusting chainmail, and spiked barding on their bodies to tear at the flesh of their foes. Some Nightmares, known as Hellsteeds, have been known to soar across the moon-light sky with wings of leather and bone.[1a]


  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare (Tier 1 Barding)
  • Nightmare (Tier 2 Barding)
  • Nightmare


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