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The Night of Masks is an Estalian holiday in which people don masks and costumes as they put aside their identities, reveling in freedom from social class. This goes on til midnight, at which point they take off said-masks, symbolising the revealing of one's true self.[1a]

Servants of aristocrats often wear plain, black eye-masks to distinguish themselves from the crowds. Others, meanwhile, wear full, brightly-painted masks, some of which are embroidered or stubbed with ornaments. Broad hats or scarves are used to cover the hair, so that only their eyes are left to say who they are. Some masks may smile, some may be impassively stern, but, as some may notice, the more such false facades try to conceal with size and prettiness, the more they actually reveal about their wearer.[1b]

Many are the Bretonnian and Estalian tales that speak of plots involving the curious alliances and romantic attachments made because kings and dukes were mistaken for commoners, and serving-maids for women of quality -- alliances and attachments that triumphantly withstand the test of unmasking. For large cities like Magritta, such may even be true, but for smaller towns it is more likely that none but a fool could be so confused. Masked as they are, the servants are servants, and the nobles still their masters. If not by the bearing, then by the quality of their dress. In such a circumstance, people will avoid those of different social class and station, preferring the company of those they all too easily recognise as being their friends and family.[1b]


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