As a former sergeant in the Nuln standing army, Nicolai Kessler had seen his share of good men cut down by the inexperienced leadership of spoiled young lords. Time and again Nicolai overstepped his station to forcefully mentor his fresh-faced commanders in "everything they don't teach at the War College".[1a]

Before long, the 21st Nuln Handgunners earned a reputation for producing reliable officers, and Nicolai became affectionately known as the "Wissenburg Schoolmaster". Although he would never admit it, the name had an unfortunate irony that annoyed the proud sergeant, since he could neither read nor write.[1a]

But then the Battle of Nuln Fields changed everything. Nicolai awoke among the Shallyans without his left eye or hand. Although his bravery and sober action had saved many lives, Nicolai despaired. He knew his time in the army was over, and there would be no one else to challenge the stubborn young lordlings and shape them into leaders of men. For his bravery in battle, Nicolai was granted a sizable pension.[1a]

The men who served under him had such great esteem for their sergeant that they petitioned the Countess von Liebwitz to award him a scholarship to the university. But sadly, the petition had to be rejected since literacy was a requirement for admission, and the Wissenburg Schoolmaster could not read.[1a]

When Nicolai's former commanders learned of his plight, they organised a new petition and lent their considerable family influence to his appeal. The officers declared that Nicolai must be allowed to enter the university, were he rose in the professorial ranks and continued his instruction in everything they don't teach at the War College.[1a]


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