Warhammer New World Map

The New World

The New World is a term used to describe the largely uncharted western continents of the Warhammer World, such as the steaming jungles of Lustria and the cold, desolate lands of Naggaroth. It is termed the "New World" because it represents the ultimate, final frontiers of Humanity as well as an homage to the old realms of Men within the "Old World". It is from here that adventurers beyond counting congregate in large expeditionary fleets, plying the large oceans of the world in hopes of great adventure and riches. In particular, the term "New World" is often used to describe the continent of Lustria, for within these damp jungles lies the ancient cities of the Lizardmen, where great hordes of gold, beads and treasures can be found in great abundance, luring thousands of fool-hardy treasure-hunters, plunderers and conquerors from half the world away.[1a]


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