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The Handmaidens of Neferata

Neferata's handmaidens were like a harem of exquisite beauties from every human kingdom. In their courtly disguises they were ravishing ladies – porcelain-skinned nobles and exotic princesses from afar. This was a masquerade: each was a vampiress, a member of Neferata's get, and their beauty lasted only so long as they had fresh blood. They were cruel and sadistic, and though their true skills resided in courtside infiltration and politics of subversion, they were still deadly foes upon the battlefield. Many of Neferata's handmaidens were spread across the realms of mankind, but the following were present at the Battle of Skull Chasm: the Pallid Sisters, twins from icy Kislev; Lycindia the Cruel, the Duchess of Malstonia; Naaima, a concubine out of far Cathay; and the Red Coven, a hellish trio atop a coven throne, made up of Heterneb of ancient Lahmia, Giselle of Marienburg, and Bellatash of Tilea.[1a]


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